How to create a more diverse and inclusive community on social media.



Diversity in Travel Marketing

You know there is a problem in our industry. It bothers you. You want to be part of the solution, not the problem. You want to reach, engage with and serve the BIPOC community and show your support. But you also don’t know where to start, what to say and are nervous you might say the wrong thing.

You want to create a more diverse and inclusive community on social media

This class if for you if...

Build a more diverse and inclusive travel brand 


How to create a more diverse and inclusive community on social media.

Diversity in Travel Marketing  masterclass

introducing the

Over the years, I have had a number of questions from my clients about how to show support to the BIPOC community and appeal to a more diverse audience on social media.

I knew that for me to be able to truly serve my clients and use the platform that I have to instigate change in this industry, I needed someone from the BIPOC community to take center stage here and help me address this type of queries in the best way possible.

Cue in Kristen, on my social media team, who kindly offered to show us a better way through this masterclass!

Why we created this masterclass:


60-minute masterclass REPLAY

Resources to help you dive deeper into DEI

Q&A with Kristen (for those attending live)


Meet Kristen!


" All I can say is I think every travel business needs to watch this!

I have just watched this incredible and super helpful masterclass hosted by Valerie and Kristen and have taken pages full of invaluable notes.  Having lived in both the Caribbean and parts of Africa, I thought I knew a lot about the BIPOC community, but this masterclass has opened my eyes and really educated me on things I would not have thought of. There’s recommended resources to help you, answers to questions you may not have wanted to ask, and insights to conversations to enhance your companies visibility."

Let’s do this!

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This is only the beginning...

You don't just want to make your social media community “look” diverse, it actually has to be behind the scenes and not just in your marketing. For that reason, in addition to answering your questions and giving guidance, we will also be sharing resources to help you on your DEI journey, including recommendations of consultants.